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[010] Learning how to lead innovation in the water industry

“An idea happens when different thoughts connect for the very first time.” – Dr Jo

“The ideas we have are what make each one of us, our teams and our businesses different and special. Our levels of success depend on the quality and effectiveness of our ideas. A deep understanding of how to have more and better idea, and how to make those ideas happen, is what leading, effective, positively impactful innovation is all about.”

– Dr Jo North


Following our week long idea-packed sprint at the 2018 NWG Innovation Festival, Dr Jo was invited by the Institute of Water to write an editorial exploring how we can learn to lead innovation in the water industry for their Autumn edition.

The Institute of Water magazine is mailed direct to more than 2,500 Institute of Water members and subscribers; recipients include Managing Directors and Chief Executives of the Water Utilities and their suppliers, contractors and regulators – key personnel and decision makers throughout the water industry.

You can read the article in full here.

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