[041] Why I created the Idea Time Membership, and a just a few of the things you can find inside… | The Big Bang Partnership

[041] Why I created the Idea Time Membership, and a just a few of the things you can find inside…

Do you need a business plan template, strategic planning advice, or productivity tools and techniques?

Would you like an experienced, proven and qualified business consultant available at the end of an email 7 days a week to support your business growth and answer your questions on a personal, one-on-one basis?

Would you love unlimited access to awesome business growth and leadership online learning with downloadable resources and professionally filmed videos?

You can find all of this, and much more, inside my Idea Time Membership.

Photo: Dr. Jo North, creator of the Idea Time Membership

What is Idea Time?

My Idea Time Membership is the go-to place for business leaders to slay their Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals. It’s a subscription-based resource, community, consultancy and business coaching hub designed for entrepreneurial leaders who want to scale and breakthrough to the next level of success.

In the Idea Time Membership, I apply the proven science of innovation to help you achieve your big, hairy business goals. It’s also designed to be hugely enjoyable time for you to prioritise, explore your big or small business ideas, develop your strategy and business plan and receive personalised coaching and motivation.

My fun, super-productive creative processes will make sure that you sky-rocket your entrepreneurial self-confidence. Reach for the stars and work with me to achieve more than you ever thought was possible!

A bit about me

I have leading-edge expertise in working with leaders and their companies to optimise their commercial creative potential, building an innovative, entrepreneurial capability to achieve bigger goals and greater success.

My clients say that I bring a unique perspective to people and business development as I combine my coaching, mentoring, facilitation and consultancy skills with real world, commercial business experience. I have proven expertise in designing and delivering business innovation and growth activities and also in coaching business leaders.

I have worked in a variety of different industries – from accountancy to retailing, publishing and transport, where I acquired significant experience of working at board level across a number of sector-leading businesses.

Photo: Dr. Jo North

I am an associate tutor at the University of York, designing and delivering executive development and leadership training in business creativity and innovation in the UK and overseas. I am really proud to be part of the team there, providing world-class professional development and training that makes a real impact on leaders and their businesses.

Driven by my passion for helping business leaders to succeed and achieve their full potential, in 2016 I achieved my PhD in corporate entrepreneurship at the University of York. I completed ground-breaking research into developing high performing entrepreneurial talent.

I live in Ripon, North Yorkshire, UK, and travel nationally and internationally for business.

When I am not working, my other passions include: my French Bulldog, Paddy; Spain, Spanish language and tapas; mixed media art (have a look at my creations on Instagram @bigbang_mixed_media) and creative writing.

Why I created the Idea Time Membership

I created the Idea Time Membership to help me to achieve my mission of helping as many entrepreneurs, and their businesses to grow and achieve more than they ever thought was possible.

I love my coaching and consulting business. I started it eight years ago, and provide in-person, high value, customised and growth-focused services for my clients in the UK and overseas. My work brings me lots of joy. I meet amazing, kind and genuine people who want to keep learning and growing themselves and their companies.

To run alongside my in-person coaching and consulting, I wanted to create a complementary business model to share my experience, resources and strategies with as many people as possible. My aim was to create an enjoyable, super productive and results-focused experience. I also wanted to make the whole customer value proposition as accessible, affordable, useful and engaging as possible.

Launching my Idea Time Membership achieves all of those aspirations!  

Photo: Delegates in action at an Idea Time Business Event in Leeds

Definition of Membership Site

A membership site is an online business where only members who subscribe on an annual or monthly basis can access the content inside. Members can log in and access exclusive content, content and be part of a community of other members.

The content inside includes digital products like e-books, webinars, online courses, videos, exclusive webinars and masterclasses and more.

Your Business Roadmap

From my own PhD research, and years of hands-on, practical business experience, I’ve created my 6 element Innovation Roadmap, which explains the key drivers that all businesses need to focus on to grow and achieve their business strategy.

It diagnoses where you are with your big, hairy business goals so that I can really help you with the areas that will accelerate your success the most.

These 6 elements are the building blocks of best practice innovation and business growth and are based on what has been proven to work according to research and live application in businesses just like yours.

The 6 underlying themes that businesses need to be great at to maximise innovation for growth are:

  1. Ideas
  2. Focus
  3. Leadership
  4. Mindset
  5. Skills
  6. Resources

As the first step in your Idea Time Membership, you will complete my members-only online Innovation Roadmap Scorecard. We will use this together to pinpoint exactly where you are on your business journey, so that I can help you to get the maximum from your one-to-one coaching and consultancy with me, and so I can direct you to specific membership resources that will really help you.

Motivation for success

Inside the Idea Time Membership you will have access to online business planning and leadership programmes that have been scientifically and commercially proven to get results.

You will have access to the same programmes, tools and techniques that I use to drive growth in well-known, successful companies of all shapes and sizes, and in across a wide variety of sectors.

You will skyrocket your success in:

  • Maximising your productivity, creating time for you and for implementing your big and small business ideas
  • Identifying profitable new product development (NPD) and new customer experience opportunities
  • Generating breakthrough ideas
  • De-risking innovation
  • And ultimately increasing the positive impact of your business strategy.

You will have access to me every day of the week. We will connect by direct message, in the online private coaching area within the Membership site, or via the Idea Time community forum, as well as in my live webinar Masterclasses and one-to-one phone or video coaching.

So, transform your business, sharpen your competitive edge and use my support, world-class research, tools and programmes to differentiate, innovate and grow.

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